Score Perfect gives you full access to you online Social Data Report and Score. We enable you to monitor and improve your online digital footprint from one easy to use platform. All for one low fee of £29.25 Per Month!


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In a world consumed by social media, it is important to ensure your online social footprint is not negatively impacting your chances of success. We enable you to monitor and improve your online social footprint. We provide you with tools and features to help ensure your social footprint is always kept at it’s peak.

Social data score

We provide you with score out of 100 based on a number of factors including negative markers, positive markers, personality traits and social interactions to give you a complete picture.

Social data report

We provide you with a full breakdown of your social data report, this includes all information from all of your social media accounts including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.


Social Repair Tools

We give you access to a number of social data repair tools including negative marker removal, complete access to your personality traits and guides on how to keep your report at it’s peak.

Instant alerts

We will alert you instantly via SMS and  Email if there are any changes to your score or report. Instant alerts enable you to ensure your social data footprint is not negatively compromised.

of recruiters check potential canditates social media
of millennials in the united Kingdom use social media
of the enitre population use social media regularly
of employers say bad spelling would put off recruitment


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amazing Features

Below are just a few of the key features included in the Score Perfect service. You will get full access to all Social Data Reporting services for one low monthly price of £29.25

social reporting

Find out exactly what other people see when they look at your social media profiles. We provide you will a detailed breakdown of all the positive and negative parts of your online social footprint to give you peace of mind.

social data repair tools

Did you know that over 90% of employers look at social media profiles to see if a potential candidate is suitable? Stay ahead of the curve and remove all your negative markers with our easy tools to ensure the best chance of success.

automatic updates

Whenever there is a change to your social data report, it is important you are alerted instantly to ensure your social footprint is not negatively impacting your chances of success. We provide automatic updates and instant alerts via SMS and Email.

social media rethought

Start changing the way you think of and use social media today. We give you up to date advice on how you can keep on top of your social score. Score Perfect helps you keep ahead of the curve, ensuring your information is accurate, and that you have full control over your social footprint. By signing up to Score Perfect today you will have full access to your online social report. We provide you with instant alerts, automatic updates and helpful guides and tips.

Important information

Did you know companies are now checking your social score to see how suitable you are for employment, further education and many other services? Ensure you stay ahead of the curve with Score Perfect.

what is social reporting?

A Social Report is a report of all your online social activity. We use our advanced systems to connect to all the major social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We then aggregate these results in to an easy to understand social report. We provide you with a total score out of 1000 that gives you an indication of how you are perceived online by companies who are searching your social media, Our reporting gives you a complete overview.

Why is Social Reporting important?

With over 90% of all employers now looking at potential candidates social media accounts, and finance houses now looking at potential borrowers social media accounts, it is important to ensure you are always seen in the best light possible. Negative markers on your online social footprint could jeopardize your chances of future employment, gaining credit, and many other life changing events. We make it quick and easy to ensure your report is always at it’s peak.

How do I improve my score?

We give you complete control of your social report, we display all of your negative and positive markers that may be affecting your social score and provide you with the tools to remove any negative markers and improve your score. We provide instant updates every-time there is a change in your online social score and we deliver instant alerts via SMS. We also provide you with guides, tips and advice. We are always on hand to guide you through the process.


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